Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marigny Triangle and Rectangle?

The triangle and rectangle refer to parts of the Marigny. The Triangle is bordered by Esplanade, Elysian Fields, N. Rampart (which turns into St. Claude Ave.) and the river. The rectangle is bordered by Elysian Fields, Press Street, St. Claude Ave. and the river.

How do I contact a department in the city?

The Sewerage & Water Board, Entergy, We have the numbers you need on the Contact page.

Who do I contact to hook up gas and electric?

Entergy New Orleans

What is your NOPD district?

If you live in the Triangle or the Rectangle between Elysian Fields and Franklin you are in the 8th District.
From Franklin to Press in the Rectangle is the 5th District.

How can I help keep Marigny safe?

Always have your eyes on the look out for unusual activity and report it.

Are there any parks in the Marigny?

Yes. Washington Square Park which is located on Elysian Fields between Royal and Dauphine.

NOLA 311 Services

The Landrieu Administration revamped the 311 system in 2012. NOLA 311 including email now handles the following types of requests:

  • City Assisted Evacuation registration
  • Code Enforcement complaints
  • DPW Maintenance: manhole cover maintenance, pothole/roadway surface repair, road shoulder repair, sidewalk repair (public property), and street flooding/drainage issues
  • DPW Parking: abandoned vehicles
  • DPW Traffic: street lights, street signs, traffic signs, traffic signals, and road surface marking
  • Sanitation: dead animal pickup, illegal dumping, large item pickup, trash/garbage pickup, residential recycling

NOLA 311 customer service agents assist callers with contacting city departments such as Finance, Safety and Permits, Mosquito and Termite Control, as well as a number of other departments. Hours: Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

NOLA 311:

  • Document the issues identified by constituents
  • Provide a case reference number for status updates
  • Provide a clean hand off to the appropriate City department for service delivery

How to Graffiti and Sticker Removal from Street Signs

Goo Gone wipes will remove graffiti from the NEW street signs the City is installing. Use Goo Gone wipes on the new signs because other products are likely to remove the light reflective coating from new signs.

Use World’s Best Graffiti Remover to remove graffiti on OLD street signs.

To remove stickers, use something non-abrasive (like your fingernail) to scrape off the top layer, then use water to remove what remains.



Marigny Events

Annual Home Tour

Take a tour of a some unique homes and gardens every year.

Meet the Neighbors

A social gathering to get to know your neighbors and support or local businesses . More

Caroling in Washington Square Park

Every December neighbors and friends come together to sing, mingle and spread the holiday cheer.

FMIA General Meetings

Meet your neighbors and learn about the issues that affect the Marigny at our monthly meeting. More

Krewe Du Vieux

A mardi Gras parade that is perhaps simultaneously the most individualistic and the most traditional of all New Orleans parading Krewes. It starts in the Marigny and winds its way to the French Quarter. More.


The Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus parade is devoted to Star Wars, Star Trek. More.

tit Rex

tit Rex features shoe box- sized floats towed by marchers. More.

St. Anne's Parade

A Mardi Gras walking parade on Fat Tuesday that locals costume for and anyone can join in on as it winds through the Marigny to the French Quarter stopping at bars along the way.

Downtown Irishman's Parade

Each year on St. Patrick's Day the Downtown Irish Club parades through the Marigny. It begins in the Bywater at the corner of Piety and Burgundy and proceeds up Royal and across Esplanade to the French Quarter. Members of the marching group stop at local watering holes for refreshments. They liberally throw beads and will trade a white or green carnation for a kiss.

Where can I get more information about news and events in and around the Marigny?

The Gambit Weekly can be found at most bars and coffee shops. The Gambit comes out officially on Mondays but can be found in some shops and bars on Sundays or Saturdays.