Crime Prevention in Faubourg Marigny

It is a much more successful strategy to work to prevent crime than to solve it. Particularly in New Orleans when NOPD is presently understaffed.

To help reduce crime in the Marigny  please  participate in one or more of the following  initiatives:


  • From Dusk to Dawn, please leave on the exterior lights on your  property. 
  • If you lack exterior lights please light your windows (interior). For your own safety, consider adding exterior lighting.

    Adopt a Light
  •  The Department of Public Works (DPD) lacks sufficient funds to change light bulbs, repair or replace  broken or missing lights until next year.  Consider contacting Entergy to call attention to a broken light, or to add one at your expense  to poles in your neighborhood.   More information can be found at:
SafeCam NOLA
  • NOPD 8th District SafeCams8 project is now SafeCam NOLA.  (If you registered your video surveillance cameras under SafeCams8, your cameras are automatically registered under SafeCam NOLA.) 
  • If you have video surveillance cameras but have not yet registered them with NOPD, please do so today at or
  • If you do not have video surveillance cameras, please acquire VCC approved cameras and register them with SafeCam NOLA.
  • If you have questions on video surveillance cameras, or camera registration, please contact Larry at or Bob at  


Larry Lane and Robert Simms of SafeCam NOLA recently gave a presentation at the FMIA General Meeting on installing and registering crime cameras. These cameras are useful tools in solving crimes. Contact either Larry or Robert for more crime camera tips.

Security Camera Program

FMIA is awarding a second round of $100 security camera grants which cover the installation cost up to $100 of security cameras. Contact Crime Prevention Chair Kash Schriefer at or 318-355-0619.


Contact Entergy if you wish to increase the amount of security lighting in your area. Well lit areas generally deter crime.

Security District

At another recent FMIA general meeting, Jim Olsen as the Chairman of the Mid-City Security District gave a presentation. He outlined the steps entailed in establishing a security district in the city. Whether or not the Marigny ever has such a district in the future, it is informative to know that such a district can be established based on our needs matched to our funding level.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is not increased by paranoia or hysteria, but rather the building of awareness about how to take measures to avoid victimization. Stack the deck in your favor. Strive to be more observant in your daily life. Learn how to make the criminal work harder to commit their intended crime and they may seek their victims elsewhere. NOPD reports that an exceedingly high percentage of auto burglaries throughout the city occur to unlocked autos and/or autos with valuables inside visible from the outside of the auto. Many other crime pitfalls are just as easy to avoid.

Either the NOPD 5th District (658-6080) or 8th District (658-6050) offices can be contacted for further crime prevention information. Crime prevention measures do not have to always involve massive amounts of money or time. One website I have personally found informative is No Nonsense Self-Defense. Much wisdom is obtained by reading in particular their Pyramid of Personal Safety section.

Contact Kash Schriefer, FMIA Crime Prevention Chair, for more information if needed at.