Planning on doing a renovation? Want to develop your property?

The FMIA is here to help.

We know and understand the complex rules and regulations that must be followed when living in an Historic District. We also know that navigating them can be time consuming and quite frankly a headache. We can help by pointing you in the right direction and letting you know the tips and tricks of the plan approval process. The FMIA has successfully helped many home and business owners sail through process which has helped make the Marigny the wonderful place it is today.

If you have questions, let us know.

We encourage all neighbors who plan to improve their property to follow the City's guidelines. For exterior work only, an application to the HDLC is the first step. For interior work, an application to Safety and Permits is the first step. If it is both, an application to the HDLC is the first step. You can click on the links to the right to get more information and download the applications.

For large scale projects that require changes in zoning we ask that the owners come to a Board meeting so we can help you get started and be an advocate for you when you go before the different planning agencies. We also encourage you to make a short presentation at one of our General Meetings so you can get feedback and suggestions form neighbors.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for improving your property!